Bantube is a video platform were individuals can share audios and videos with the entire community. The purpose is to help bring those of us who have been scattered to the four corners closer together.

Unlike large platforms like YouTube, each user does not have unlimited space. So what we have done is assigned all users the same amount of storage space based on what has been allocated to this site at this time. As the site grows, we will be able to add more space for all users. 

What ISN'T Allowed:

  • No sexually-explicit content (pornography)
  • Content that portrays our women as servants, concubines, or anything else outside of The Most High's original intent. 
  • Video responses to disagreements with another brother or sister
  • Pyramid schemes


We welcome contributions for this website. All proceeds will be used for costs associated with the upkeep of this platform. 

Matondo (Thank You!)

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