What We Are REALLY Dealing With

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Here are the links to the information presented in this video:



(You can download the pdf right under his picture on the website link above)

PDF outlining key points of his executive summary regarding why mass vaccinations using the current covid-19 vaccines are a recipe for a global health disaster. 


TruNews Video: https://www.trunews.com/stream/dutch-vaccine-expert-warns-mass-vaccinations-will-cause-global-catastrophe-soon


2nd part of our video discussed how CV-19 vaccines can potentially cause prion disease. Research by Dr. J. Bart Claussen- 

Find his medical paper here: https://scivisionpub.com/pdfs/covid19-rna-based-vaccines-and-the-risk-of-prion-disease-1503.pdf


An example of human prion disease is CJD: https://www.cdc.gov/prions/cjd/about.html


Short video explaining prion disease in laymen's terms:https://youtu.be/Cubu-k7kSvw


Short video showing a patient with CJD:



CDC's Zombie Preparedness page (oh yeah, they just uploaded this for fun *insert eye roll*):