Dr Andrew Wakefield The Future of Mandatory Vaccinations

Dr Andrew Wakefield The Future of Mandatory Vaccinations

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Dr. Andy Wakefield discusses the future of mandatory vaccinations, and what we can do to reclaim our health freedom.

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Andy Wakefield opens the show speaking about his documentary Vaxxed and why it got pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. At the end of the day, Robert De Niro actually told the public that they need to watch Andy’s movie, Vaxxed. The movie took off! Andy gives his take on vaccine development and surveillance. Plus, Andy gives the scoop on his latest film, 1986: The Act. Stay tuned as we talk about the similarities between vaccines and the Ford Pinto. Plus, the importance of personal liberties.

[00:40] About Vaxxed

[10:15] Bill Gates on Vaccine Development and Surveillance
- In Argentina, there’s a program that is testing the system of mandatory vaccines. If you do not have the vaccines, you cannot get things like a license.
- Bill Gates is dictating policy and personal vaccine choice. What degree does Bill Gates have to speak on this subject? He has inserted himself into this role.
- Bill says that if you want to live in his society, you need to be compliant with his wishes. Andy says that this bizarre. Why is CNN entertaining him?

[13:20] About 1986 The Act
- Watch the movie: https://1986theact.com.

[20:00] The Similarities Between The Ford Pinto and Vaccinations
- The Ford Pinto turned out to be super dangerous. When rear-ended, the car would explode. Ford had two options; they could recall the cars or pay for the victims. They found out that it would cost a lot less to pay for the victims than recall the vehicles.
- Vaccine manufacturers did the exact same thing. They could have made a safer vaccine, but it would cost them more money. After doing a cost-benefit analysis, they realized it would be cheaper to pay for the children who are brain-damaged and killed.

[25:50] The Future of Mandatory Vaccinations
- Vaccines are being rushed to the market. The Swine Flu Vaccine had no benefit whatsoever.
- Mandatory vaccine bills are taking choice away from parents. The Democrats are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.
- Democrats are in favor of a federal mandatory vaccine bill.
- Personal freedom is coming from the Republicans.
- The future of humankind will come from the next election.
- Once a vaccine is put inside of you, you cannot take it out.

[30:50] Vaccinations vs. Non-Vaccinations

[34:00] The Future of COVID
- If we want to understand where we are going, all you need to do is watch 1986.
- Doctors are writing off motorcycle deaths as COVID-19 deaths.
- The marketing strategy of fear is being used.
- Society is ramping us up for the dependency of a vaccine.
- Viruses have been around since humans have existed. Our microbiome should be our mask. Instead of vaccines, we need to take care of our health.

[38:25] “Saving” Mankind in Violation of Personal Liberties
- We need to stand up for our rights. Once they are gone, it will be a long time until we get them back.

Resources from this episode:
● Follow Andy Wakefield
â—‹ YouTube: @1986: The Act
● Watch 1986 The Act: https://1986theact.com/
● Watch Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe: https://vaxxedthemovie.com/
● Get Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines--The Truth Behind a Tragedy: https://amzn.to/30IIC9x
● Get Waging War on the Autistic Child: The Arizona 5 and the Legacy of Baron von Munchausen: https://amzn.to/3ix0c6J

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