Winona MO. viewing a rural underdeveloped land.

Winona MO. viewing a rural underdeveloped land.

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Sisi Harry

1 year
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This video was done in 20018 when I blissfully (foolishly) jumped in my van and went to look at a property about 2 hours away from my home. I never told anyone where I was going, and was on a mission to seek information about this land. I thank Yah for His protection while I was there because upon my arrival, there was clear evidence that I was setting my self up to suffer injury or even death. You will see the details in the video of what I am speaking of. A year later all of a sudden this video went viral on that OTHER channel and racist people came out of the wood work that actually lived in that town. They began going into all of my social media and attempting to contact my employer to state that I am a racist because of the commentary in this video stating that I was not safe. By the way, I am my own employer so those attempts were unsuccessful. Family, be safe. Don't go to these unknown places alone. I know we like to be independant and have trust issues with one another, but ask Yah to send help. These folks are not playing about taking your life. Use Wisdom. Shalom.


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