Deion Sanders Spends 23 Days In The Hospital - COACH PRIME Fall Season Ep. 5

Deion Sanders Spends 23 Days In The Hospital | COACH PRIME Fall Season Ep. 5
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if you don't have time to watch the full video, at 34:39 they discuss his clots in more detail

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"Mr. Sanders reportedly had foot surgery in September. But then everything became a mystery from there. He missed the team’s October 23 game against Bethune-Cookman, and the October 30 game against Mississippi Valley State. It was reported at the time that he was battling “a significant health issue.” Mr. Sanders missed a third game on November 6 against Texas Southern before returning to the sideline the following week. He took to Twitter on November 10, to talk about “complications following [my] foot surgery.”

The full truth would not be revealed until months later when Episode 5 of Barstool Sports’ docuseries Coach Prime was released on March 8. Mr. Sanders suffered from three femoral arterial blood clots in his left leg. Of course vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences. But Mr. Sanders immediately blamed a family history of blood clots. It’s a similar line taken by NFL defense end Vinny Curry. He developed post-injection blood clots in August, forcing him to miss the entire 2021 NFL season. Mr. Curry said his situation was “hereditary.”

Doctors ultimately cut Mr. Sanders’ left leg open to drain fluid that was accumulating inside. That procedure saved his leg. But his big toe and second toe had to be amputated as a result. Mr. Sanders was shocked when he looked at his foot for the first time post-surgery.

Blood clots are one of the top two adverse reactions to the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections, along with heart inflammation. Mr. Sanders is also now at least the fifth case of post-injection amputations we’ve covered on this blog. He lost 35 pounds while in the hospital for those 23 days. Not one mainstream media outlet mentioned his vaccination status or those common adverse reactions."

Deion Sanders:
"they were talking about the 
amputation of my leg from knee down, then they were trying to ensure I had life so we called my mother about the clots and she informed me that we didn't know that my uncle died from blood clots, my other uncle who's alive now almost
passed last year from blood clots and she was diagnosed with blood clots a year ago "

my two bits: it's a shame he doesn't realize the odds of his mother, uncle, and himself falling ill with blood clots all last year (while the jab was heavily promoted and he received at least 2 jabs...I can only assume his mother and uncle were jabbed as well) are astronomical...he's still in denial about the deadly jab...heredity has nothing to do with it