Covid Secrets Q&A Session with Dr. Bryan Ardis

Covid Secrets Q&A Session with Dr. Bryan Ardis
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Johnathon Otto with Dr. Aridis What to do if you’ve received the jab: Dr. Ardis recommends ONE substance you should take to battle the poisons found inside the jab (this could save you from blood clots and other deadly side effects) Will there be another BIG event? Dr. Ardis reveals a specific date he believes something else will happen If you’ve received the job, will your body ever recover? If so, how long will it take? What to do within 24 hours if you are FORCED to get the jab (this one specific subtance can help you) Do masks really work? See what Dr. Ardis has to say about them and their efficacy What’s really going on with the so-called “virus? Dr. Ardis says this is no virus at all, it’s actually a poison and he reveals what’s REALLY killing everyone How to remove potentially deadly toxins from your body The top supplements Dr. Ardis recommends for remaining healthy and protecting yourself at all times Was Omicron really C0V1D… or was it the common cold? Plus so much more (This session went over 2 hours!)


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