Sunflower Synchronicity Dream

Sunflower Synchronicity Dream
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I had 2 dreams the night of April 19, 2022. The first one was good, and it had sunflowers in it. Then I had a horrific dream, that was the 2nd one. I got wrapped up in that 2nd horrible one, I forgot to post the 1st one. I posted it tonight, but ironically I was looking up prophetic videos and came across other people who had sunflowers dreams.


Sid Roth Sunflower Prophecy I never heard of before, he made the video a year ago.

Original Dream night before:



my two cents:

Just skip ahead on the part of the video from 06:00-08:30...she doesn't say anything but listens to the video she is playing.  I think she is under the impression the audience can hear the video she is playing.