terahertz ore video compilation and info on where to buy products

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my two cents:

Terahertz also exists as an "ore" or "stone". The terahertz as an "ore" is really silicon-based man-made jewelry or "stones" that emit the terahertz frequency. Polished terahertz "ore" resembles hematite gemstone. I uploaded a video that is a compilation of videos that show terahertz "ore" shaped as earrings, massage devices, pendants, figurines, nuggets, spheres, and other things; these products emit the terahertz frequency. Also included in the video are examples of testing for authenticity with an ice cube; because, terahertz vibrates at such a high frequency, the ice cube melts ("ore" is not hot) almost immediately upon contact with the "ore" piece and I included examples of using the terahertz "ore" for massage with a gua sha (massage scraper) and a terahertz "ore" massage roller piece.

For terahertz blowers just type "terahertz blower" or "terahertz wands" to see your options to purchase.  There are different types and manufacturers of terahertz blowers.

For terahertz "ore" or "stones", just type "terahertz" and you will find all sorts of products.

You can buy terahertz products at:

  1. eBay
  2. Amazon
  3. etsy
  4. search online using your search browser for distributors of terahertz products
  5. AliExpress (they have many terahertz products with the cheapest prices I could find) https://www.aliexpress.us/w/wholesale-terahertz-blower.html?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20230704210648&SearchText=terahertz+blower&spm=a2g0o.home.1000002.0
  6. MedBed sells terahertz blowers:  https://usamedbed.com/terahertz-wand/
  7. iTeracare does not sell directly to customers, they have distributors who sell for them and those are the people you'll find on the internet, eBay, or from videos...refer to #4.

If you decide to buy the terahertz blower, I suggest starting off with drinking the terahertz water first (terahertz blower over water or through glass for 60 sec).  Drink a cup of terahertz water a day for a week and see how you feel.  If you develop Herxheimer reactions (detox reactions) then take a binder (like modified citrus pectin or Zeolite) with half a glass of terahertz water and as you feel better, then increase the water consumption and begin using the blower as you need.  

I use my blower every day and I drink the terahertz water every day.  I also purchased a number of terahertz items from eBay (great prices on "ore"), etsy, and then AliExpress (great prices).

Any questions...don't hesitate to ask.