Dr Lee Merritt: The Twin Scams Of 1918 & 2020

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Todd Wilson
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A lot of special knowledge, I advise you to watch this. It won't be a waste of your time.
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Remember the alleged Spanish Flu of 1918? Well, hold onto your seats cause we're going for a bumpy ride with Dr. Lee Merritt as she tells you the truth behind that scam and relates it to the CONvid-1984 scam of 2020 and beyond. We'll cover a lot of ground in this interview as Dr. Merritt presents a wealth of knowledge on the subject and what we are facing right now. However, we won't leave you without hope as the solution, as always, is the people standing against the criminals and tyrants and executing the very justice that God has demanded for such things as we are seeing today.


PERSONAL NOTE:  Actual interview starts around the 10:10 mark.  Very insightful.  Knowledge that we're electric beings that must operate within specific frequencies for optimal health while in this earth-vessel has been suppressed from the public and replaced with, what I call "psuedo-science" (The word "science" meaning "to know").  It's becoming quite evident that those that are seeking truth must start unpacking the lies that's covering it.  It then becomes imperative to call into question narratives, doctrines, beliefs, and even common knowledge that's been handed to us as systems of control are in full effect.  As stated in the interview, we are fighting a multi-dimensional war that requires thinking that's outside the box.  So gird up you loins and move in authority, sound mind and love as the Most High as enabled and equipped us for this battle.