Shocking: Texas Man Loses Hands and Feet from a Single Flea Bite

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my two cents:
I couldn't find the type of "rare" typhus the man contracted because the media did not release that info (from my research).
But I did come across an article from this month that stated a "rare" typhus called "scrub typhus" was found in chiggers for the first time in USA at certain North Carolina parks by the CDC.  North Carolina is also the same state where the development of novel COVID "virus" occurred and actually, the amputee thought he had COVID at first (from another article) and I wonder if he chose to get jabbed as well...possible coincidences?:
I should add that if you simply go by the title from the video then you would assume the man became an amputee because of the the typhus, but here is a quote from the above amputee article:
"According to Hardaway, Kohlhof’s hands and feet developed dry gangrene as a result of the vasopressor treatment — one of the many medications that saved his life."
Apparently, pharmaceuticals caused him to become an amputee.  I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing we hear is that a vaccine for "rare" typhus is now approved by the FDA, under EUA of course.