Grandma's TOP Survival Food to Preserve NOW ...and No Expire MILK!

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You can make meal prepping easier, cheaper, and more delicious just by focusing on this SINGLE ingredient that too many folks don't know how to get the most use out of. In this video, I share ways to use butter, BETTER- just like grandma did so that you stockpile this ingredient as a shelf stable oil for 5 years (and often longer) right on your shelf by teaching you how to can butter. I'll also share how you can safely store butter for weeks at a time on your kitchen counter where it'll be nice and soft instead of rock hard in the fridge. Grandma knew how to make her own butter and if you have a stand mixer I'm going to show you how easy it is (and how you can make fresh butter milk, turn it into cultured buttermilk for a never ending supply AND get homemade whipped cream). Sit down and stay a while so that I can dish out all grandma's secrets on why you need to start preserving, making and stocking your own butter, right now!


Airtight Butter Dish:

Butter Keeper Crock:

Book "Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats" by Sally Morell: