The Need To Grow (2022) documentary

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From the folks at Food Revolution Network…
With the planet on the brink of ecological disaster,
with chronic disease rates skyrocketing, many are wondering…
“What can I do?”
Start by watching The Need To GROW.
An environmental film that gives the world hope.
Change happens when people know the truth.
The United Nations estimates that at current rates of depletion, we have fewer than 60 years of soil left on Earth. It’s not too late to change the future and save the planet and people we love — if we act NOW.
Will humans be able to grow food two generations from now?
The answer depends on what we do now!
The Need To GROW takes you inside the hearts and innovations of three very different leaders.
An 8-year-old girl challenges the ethics of a global organization.
A renegade farmer struggles to keep his land as he revolutionizes resource-efficient agriculture.
A visionary inventor faces catastrophe in the midst of developing a game-changing technology.