Work Now, Eat Later - 10 Summer Preserving and Canning Recipes in 1 HR

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If you looking for a way to preserve the unbeatable summer tastes (and rock bottom low prices) of the season, this video is your guide to help get you headed in the right direction. I'll show you how I use small batch canning session to preserve the abundance of fruits of vegetables currently available at the farmers market, your local grocery store or what you may be growing in your very back yard! I'll also give you quick and easy lunch, snack and dinner ideas using seasonal summer foods, as well as feature some of my favorite canning recipes, preservation books and tools for this time of year. It's canning and preservation season and this is how you can can, dehydrate, freeze, ferment, and yes, "do it all" so that you build a deliciously, stockpiled pantry full of food you and your family will enjoy!