Dr 'Lee Merritt' PRESENTATION ''The 'Parasite Paradigm' A.K.A 'The Parasite Protocol'

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Todd Wilson
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Probably the most important video you could watch this year... Yes I know this is 6 months or so old.. But You cannot hear this enough... Because most people brush it off under the impression their body has magical powers that can somehow evade the Parasites.... You do have magical powers in actual fact, when you raise your frequency sufficiently the parasites cannot even come near you, But this comes with Christ consciousness... and IM willing to bet,not many got that....


PERSONAL NOTE:  Never thought about sicknesses as a result of a full blown parasitic invasion of the body but this pespective is not something new.  Other medical scholars that are seeking real root causes to medical issues are noting similar factors in their diagnosis.  Seems to me this would be an important consideration in providing ideal health solutions to not only heal and repair our bodies from these ailments but also to expose deliberate wicked agendas at play in this country.