Girl in Room 13 (2022 Anne Heche's last film b4 suspicious death)

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Inspired by actual events, Girl in Room 13 examines the story of Grace (Larissa Dias), who was addicted to opioids after her doctor prescribed them for a sports injury at a very young age and after three stints in rehab, she is finally ready to turn her life around.  Under the watchful eye of her mother, Janie (Anne Heche), Grace takes on a job at her family’s restaurant. But her past will not let her go and when her friend coerces her into meeting her former love interest and drug dealer, Richie (Max Montesi), she finds herself imprisoned in a hotel room with no way out. Held captive, Richie repeatedly violates Grace, forces her to consume drugs and alcohol, and starves her -- all to break her down so that she becomes compliant and can be sold into human trafficking. Refusing to give up on her daughter even when her husband and the local police believe Grace has returned to a life of using, Janie starts an all-out hunt to find Grace. Stopping at nothing, Janie discovers the dark world of Sick Satanic Pedophile Child Human trafficking and the shocking statistics about its widespread victims and its unexpected accomplices.