The Outer Limits (1995) - Birthright

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Season 1 Episode 21

my two cents:

this episode from The Outer Limits series on Showtime in 1995 was about a senator, named Richard Adams, who was pushing the passage of a new fuel called "BE-85". The senator was involved in a car accident and sustained a concussion to his frontal lobe which caused amnesia. Under the effects of amnesia, the senator realized he was not human and needed a high dose of methane to survive. He later found out, from the help of his doctor, that the "BE-85" fuel was the same stuff he had been taking (via eye drops and injections) to survive and that the "BE 85" was actually slowly terraforming the earth's atmosphere to match the alien planet's atmosphere. Today, we have government agencies and NGO's (Non-Government Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) that are pushing what they call "terraforming" on our planet and atmosphere. They have been pushing Global Warming and now Climate Change on us for decades. Currently, they have machines in Iowa and Sweden that are sucking CO2 (carbon dioxide...all life needs CO2) from our atmosphere and storing it underground. Look at Sweden's measure for CO2 reduction: Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage called "BECCS"...looks oddly similar to "BE-85".