The propaganda War on Vitamin D--don't let them kill you.

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link to the article mentioned in the video:

my two cents:

this article is a hit piece against vitamin D3...the almost 90 year old man had heart failure and kidney disease but they are huffing and puffing over vitamin D as the cause of his death last May 2023. I need to correct a mistatement made in the video by Dr. Merritt when she stated there was no vitamin D used as a pesticide, when, actually, there is. It's in really high doses that kills rodents (rodenticide): 

Just because vitamin D can also be used as a rodenticide does not mean you shouldn't take it...your own body produces vitamin D as a hormone from sunlight, but the more melanin you have in your skin, the less vitamin D your skin will produce because melanin is a natural sunblock. I take vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 (if you supplement with vitamin D, you should take vitamin K with it). The amount the government recommends will leave you deficient in vitamin D.    You can always get a vitamin D3 blood test called "25-hydroxy vitamin D" to find out where your vitamin D3 level is.