Bantu: The Central African Legacy in Afro-Latin Popular Music

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The Traditional Arts Roundtable Series is designed to strengthen intercultural arts networks and to offer opportunities for traditional and tradition-based artists and arts advocates to learn from one another through intimate discussion, technical assistance, skill-building, networking, and sharing community-based arts and culture. Bantu: The Central African Legacy in Afro-Latin Popular MusicThe Black music of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia and the Caribean coast of Central America are close cousins, sharing a similar history of slavery and European colonization. However, little focus is given to the fact that the popular music and round dances have their roots in the Central African Kingdom of Kongo, in the diverse peoples that make up the Bantu ethno-linguistic group. GUESTS:Mestre Amen Santo (Capoeira Batuque)Eduardo Martínez Arvilla (Afro-Colombian master drummer)Rony Figueroa and Cheryl Noralez (Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United, Inc.)Hector Rivera (bomba practitioner, songwriter, poet)Sonny Batata (Tata Nkisi Malongo of Brillumba Kongo tradition / independent researcher and historian)ACTA's Los Angeles Traditional Arts Roundtable Series is generously supported by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.